Reflections over Morning Coffee #2

     10/24/12 at 9:59 am

Every stimulus we encounter is filtered through the content of our individual brains.

Different content means different perceptions.  There is never a right or wrong in the perception itself.  There is only what one sees, and every individual has something of value to offer to our perceptions of the Whole

We cannot control the experiences and perceptions of another. What each of us can do is to try and live life as we each believe it ought to be. If another’s experience of us is perceived as being of value, s/he might choose to incorporate that perspective into hi/r own.

And at the same time, we can each observe the other with an open mind, and perhaps decide to take in any compelling part of what we see into our own perspective.

Along those lines, I’ve just been wondering, Is there truly a beginning and end to this spectrum?  Or is it a limited two-dimensional representation – like a flattened out map of the world?

Maybe this “map” comes closer, in a sense:

Still another two-dimensional image, but if you think of them together…

Is violet the beginning and red the end of opposite poles?
Is there a good end or a bad end? Is one color more important of valuable than the other? Is one color more developed or evolved than the others?

Or are they all equal points in a spectrum.

I think I like this concept better than thinking of shades of grey between black and white.

Yes, I get that my head is taking me in strange directions this morning – just me being me again.

Happy camping



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