Ann Levingston Joiner is a native of Orange, Texas, where she lived through her mid-thirties. At that time, she was a stay-at-home mom who spent her free time volunteering and writing poetry in a spiral-bound journal. After returning to college during the late nine-teen seventies, she moved her children to Houston and began her career as a high-school English teacher. Teaching in experimental programs, she wrote curriculum, authored textbook supplements and conducted workshops to help students develop their writing skills. Before she retired in 2002, she developed the English and Language Arts portion of her school’s computer-based credit recovery program. During the years of her teaching career, she pursued an interest in comparative mythology, particularly focusing on the works of Joseph Campbell and the Hero’s Journey. After retiring, she moved to San Antonio, Texas, to be closer to her children, and to pursue a new career as a writer. Her published works include two poems, “Lady Audrey” and “The Rest Home,” and a non-fiction work, A Myth in Action: The Heroic Life of Audie Murphy. Now a grandmother, her current interests include genealogical research and writing fictionalized stories about the lives of her ancestors. She is also working on a series of fantasy western novels, set in the Texas Hill Country and involving its legendary Enchanted Rock.


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