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In the heart of the Texas Hill Country lies a gigantic pink granite hill, stretching above the land, visible for miles: the legendary Enchanted Rock. To the Comanche, it was their sacred Singing Rock. To the Spanish Conquistadores, it was La Roca Encantada. Today it is believed to be one of Earth’s power points – an energy vortex that many believe may contain portals leading into other worlds and times…

In 1852, a feisty young Spanish woman named Maria Isabela Antonia de Pineda y Soldana rode onto the land owned by Daniel He-Who-Rides-Two-Horses Thorne-Redstone and into his herd of wild mustangs. Neither of their lives would ever be quite the same afterwards.

The Comanche had taught Daniel how to gentle a wild horse. Would those lessons carry over into gentling a spirited, independent, and intelligent young woman?

Redstone’s Valley, the first in a trilogy of novels set in the Texas Hill Country, and revolving around its legendary Enchanted Rock, tells the stories of Daniel and Maria as well as those of Daniel’s close friend and business partner, Jake Holder, as Texans supporting the Union cause, from the 1850’s through the Civil War – and beyond.

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Four complete short stories, featuring Daniel “Two Horses” Thorne-Redstone and his friend, Jake Holder, set during a ten-year period, between 1837 and 1847, in the Texas Hill Country, in the vicinity of its Enchanted Rock.

This anthology and its stories introduce the characters, Daniel and Jake, whose further adventures, and those of their descendants, will be explored in The Redstone Trilogy, a series of western fantasy novels set between 1852 and 1883 – and beyond.
 The four stories in this anthology are:

“Vision Quest,” an extended version of a short-short tale which was published earlier, where Daniel Two-Horses Thorne goes on his first quest, to find his spirit guides and to become a Penateka warrior.

“Incident at Bandera Pass,” an earlier version of another short-short story has been revised for this volume, introduces a Texas Ranger, Jake Holder, and tells the story of his actions at the Battle of Bandera Pass, and of his meeting with a white warrior, who will become a part of his future.

“A Time for Peace,” briefly available through Smashwords as a single short story, now a part of this anthology, has Daniel and Jake racing to stop a possible massacre, and witnessing negotiations for the only treaty between a group of America’s native people and pioneer settlers that was never broken: The Meusebach/Comanche treaty of 1847. During the story, Daniel confronts a shadow from his past, and comes to a peace of his own.

“A Time for Love,” a completely new story which takes place in the early community of Fredericksburg, Texas, during the signing of the Meusebach/Comanche Treaty, where Jake meets a woman who will change his destiny, and where Daniel’s life begins to turn in a new direction.

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time for love

myth action …he endured the shame
of being sent home
a living trophy
to the blood and death
of too many friends.

A Myth in Action: The Heroic Life of Audie Murphy by Ann Levingston Joiner relates the life of a Texas farmboy who enlisted in the Army in 1942.  By the end of WWII, 5’ 6” and barely twenty, he had been field-commissioned and had won more medals for valor than any soldier in American history.  Coming home a legend, he spent the rest of his life portraying heroes in Hollywood films.  He died tragically at 45.  His story echoes those of mythological heroes described by comparative mythologist, Joseph Campbell (Hero with a Thousand Faces), psychologist Rollo May (The Cry for Myth) and others.  Heroes’ lives follow an “archetypal” pattern, from Homer’s Perseus through the Arthurian Percival, to Luke Skywalker – and Audie Murphy.

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